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About TV-series and Shows of 2019

Updated: Jan 8, 2020


RETRO REPLAY is a comedy gaming and talk show featuring modern-day industry icons Nolan North and Troy Baker. With over 350 combined voice and acting credits, Nolan North and Troy Baker have played characters that generations of gamers and geeks have come to love. From Nathan Drake (Uncharted) to Joel (Last of Us) both have brought modern day game characters to life, it’s only natural that they now go back and play the games that inspired the creators of those games.



The shire terror of the a large scale disaster and loss of so many lives, Chernobyl TV series shows the events of history’s biggest nuclear disaster in Pripyati which happened on 26th of April 1986. HBO does an amazing job reconstructing the 80s in the Soviet Union. From filming in a real post-soviet nuclear plant to minor details like when a woman offers a child a “bublik” (classic soviet bangle). The succeeded to show the terror of a silent killer, of the unknown, of loss. The show-runners paid so much respect to the source material, people who are still alive and remember the tragedy and those who passed to save the others. The show is overall well written, the sound design and camera work is flawless, the scenography is top-notch and the cast is stellar. A must see. 


This is the way. After a disaster that are the last Star Wars movies, this TV series found it’s way. With Jon Favreau on board as creator and being a fan of Star Wars, he knew exactly what to give the fans. The episodes feel more like animated series, having this Samurai Jack feel. It shows us the actual world after the collapse of the Empire, rusty and unstable. Gives us an understanding Star Wars is not just about “stars” or “wars”, but about the people stuck between stars and wars. Also Baby Yoda. I have spoken.


Much better then season 2. More consistent and powerful. 

AHS 1984

After a huge mess the was AHS: Apocalypse I’ve completely lost faith in this series. Wasn’t believing they would make a comeback. But, they dropped a bombshell by changing the tone drastically. They took a risk and it payed off. It is more light-toned, paying tribute to the classic horrors of the 80s and the era entirely. The biggest plus: It’s not taking itself to serious, trying to be cheesy and it works. The 80s will live forever!


A re-imagining of the Watchmen world after the events of the original. The world is peculiar and scary. Racism theme is explored in an interesting and odd way. History is different as in parallel timeline. Too bad it’s only 2 episodes. Also it rains squids there.


The Netflix documentary series are super nostalgic and very well tailored. 


Overall I was dissapointed. Everything was off. Black holes in screenplay. No world introduction, no folk…The big plus of the show is Henry Cavil as Geralt and the fact that people are interested in the books and games again.

THE OFFICE (not new, but it’s timeless) 

Nuff said.


Basically all anime.

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